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June 30, 2010

The Babysitter 15, Scene 2

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The Babysitter 15, Scene 2

Mr. Lawrence has been fucking Chrystal the babysitter, and his wife has just found out. Now the wife's going to have her revenge by forcing Chrystal to do exactly what she wants. The acting involved to set up this premise is abysmal, but it's more than made up for by the fucking. The fellatio is great, including the wife repeatedly holding Chrystal's mouth wide open while the husband drives deep into her throat. A little bit of pussy fucking, and a ton of the wife making the babysitter take it up her virgin ass.

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June 26, 2010

I’m still a little shy

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I'm still a little shy
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I am still a little shy about this whole internet thing. I like showing off my body. I know a lot of you guys like my big boobs. Men always stare at my boobs. Do you like my thong? I picked it out just for you. Would you like to have my big lips wrapped around your cock? I thought so. I bet you are stroking it right now while you watch my movies.

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Hidden Camera Boardroom Blowjob

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Hidden Camera Boardroom Blowjob

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Ok, there's just no excuse for this bullshit! A lot of times, we catch our employees fucking on security camera because they thought there wasn't one, or they forgot about it, but not this time. This cute little hottie that you see sucking this guy's dick in the staffroom, she's the one who installed the fucking spy camera! All I can figure is she must have wanted to get caught. Maybe it gets her pussy wet thinking about being Busted On Film!

June 25, 2010

Amateur Babe Loves Getting Rammed In Each Of Her Holes

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Amateur Babe Loves Getting Rammed In Each Of Her Holes

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As soon as the camera comes out, my girlfriend Layla turns into a total slut. She goes nuts, peeling off her clothes and massaging her pink shaved pussy to get it wet. Next thing I know, she's got my dick out and starts slurping it as slowly as she can to make it real hard. That teeny little pussy feels so good when she gets on top of my big cock and rides me real hard. She even enjoys it when I turn her over and bang her in that smooth amateur ass of hers. You can check out all the hardcore amateur fuck videos we shoot over at Pawn Your Sex Tape!

Shemale cocks are easier to suck on

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Shemale cocks are easier to suck on

Shemale cocks are easier to suck on

Sucking on sweet shemale cocks is one of the most fantastic experiences of them all because you get the best of women's attentions to details and a men's perverted mind. Still, shemales are the only ones that you can fuck while fondling both a clitty cock and some nice round boobs. My point is that i'm aware of my best features. Looking at shemales cum is definitely a great temptation and I take that very seriously when performing on my live web cam. In fact most boys skimming through will sure click on the tranny section, either out of curiosity or just to start a new hot shemale adult session. People enjoy letting themselves surprised by ladyboys bulges. And my webcam is always astonishing... Click here to watch the latest show pics and here to get more info about us. Click here to see the new show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us

June 24, 2010

Anal, Internal Movie Download - Share My Cock 2

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It's every mans fantasy. Two (or more) Incredibly hot girls sharing your cock! Don't Imagine it now! Our cock hungry pairs slurp, smack and suck dry the happiest guy on the planet! Come see why two heads are always better than one!!

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Studio: Red Light District
Stars: Anna Belle, Brett Rockman, Candice Jackson, Cashmere, Claire James, Courtney Devine, Dick Delaware, Lucy Lee, Manuel Ferrara, Mr. Pete, Randy Spears, Steve Holmes, Tony Tedeschi
Niches: Anal, Internal
Total Runtime: 02:06:47 (Download full movie)

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June 23, 2010


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She only seeks feel some level of completion andfulfillment, even if for one night... Approaching his bed, like a lioness stalking her prey, she sways andshashays towards him in nothing but a towel on. Her hands cup his face, her thumb runs over his 5 o'clock shadowbringing him to face level... He only stares, anticipating her next move.. Nose to nose they are now, soft, plump lips ghost over his, showinginitiative, but waiting for permission. He indulges her and opens his mouth slightly.. Gently taking his bottom lip into her mouth, she nips and tugs.. She runs the tip of her tongue across said lip, seeking deeper entryinto his luscious mouth. He once again obliges her their tongues begin a dance, a soft battle ofdominance. He pushes forward, tilting her head back to deepen the kiss. He demands control, her vulnerability, but despite her weakness, he isntaware that this night is for her. She slides her hands down to his chest and pushes him onto his back. While straddling his waist, his hands run down her sides and undo hertowel. First she grabs his wrists and pins them above his head. She plants a kiss on his forehead, the tip of his nose, his lips, anddown his chin. While lingering on his pulse, her tongue traces the contours of hisartery, his lifeline. Small nips at the base of his collarbone, followed by burying her facein the crook of his neck, cause a groan to escape his lips as breathes in his essence. She commits the scent of him to memory, as well as the feeling of hisgrowing arousal between her thighs. While moving up slightly, her slick womanhood brushes against him,causing his breath to hitch. She comes back up for another kiss, this time more agressive, sucklinghis tongue as if it's very existance were the source to all life. Her gyrations above him, cause a stimulating friction on her pearl asshe sucks the the sweet appendage nestled inside his mouth, attempting to satiate her hungry soul. He growls, pumps his hips up in time with her gyrations. They connect, and he slides into her with ease. She breaks contact for breath, but has not yet had her fill. Whilst she slithers up and down his body, his hands grip her hips andpush her down in time with her set rhythm. She mewls, coos, gasps and holds in strangled sobs as his speedincreases with urgency, slamming into her repeatedly with reckless abandon. She's so tight, she's so hot, she's sooo wet.... Read the rest of Enticement..

Author: She's Such A Vixen

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Hi! I'm Trixie. I just turned 18 and living in L.V. I moved here about 7 months ago to try to be a showgirl, in the mean time, One of my friends suggested I make a site to make some money. So, here we are! I really hope you like what you see and really hope you want to see more. Love and kisses, Trixie :-p

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June 22, 2010

Smash Pictures: Killer Grip 2

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Smash Pictures: Killer Grip 2 Killer Grip 2 LEAVE THE JERKING TO US!! We're ready, willing and able to make you cum by any means necessary! We're talking happy ending handjobs, footjobs and wonderful wet blow jobs that will make you cum! We'll jerk your hard duck and have you shoot your load all over our sexy faces. on our tits and even on our toes! Relax cuz you'll love our killer grip!!
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RookieBabe Sara

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This sassy RookieBabe says that she is not afraid to party, especially if your buying! lol A Bartender, this girl loves to party! When we last visited Sara she was trimming her tree, hanging stockings and getting ready for Santa to come down her chimney!

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Stylish and socially conscious, Rookie Babe represents the natural beauty and spirit of the girl next door.

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